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‘Manager as Coach: The Role Managers Can and Should Play in the Workplace’ on the Paradigm Shifts podcast

More and more managers are recognizing the need to provide in-the-moment and ongoing coaching for their team members. I recently talked with Kayshia Kruger on the Paradigm Shifts podcast about the role that managers can and should play as coaches in the workplace. During our discussion, I defined my Manager As Coach approach to this important application of coaching: why it is critical; and how managers can develop the mindset and skills to effectively apply coaching to improve performance, develop capabilities, and support transitions for team members.

Here are 6 questions that guided our conversation:

  1. We hear a lot about the role of a “coach” in the workplace. What does the spectrum of coaching look like? 
  2. What does manager-as-coach look like?
  3. In one of your most recent articles, “Seeking Input: Manager as Coach”, you make the argument that the role of coach is a role managers can, and should, play in the workplace. What are the biggest benefits managers and organizations gain from incorporating a coaching approach?
  4. If a manager wanted to use a coaching approach, what types of situations might coaching support?
  5. What capabilities does a manager or leader need to have in order to be a coach? Can anyone do it?
  6. If managers wanted to take on the role manager-as-coach, what are some practical tips they can use to get started?

The Paradigm Shift Podcast Episode

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