John Bennett/ November 15, 2018/ Change, Executive Coaching, Services

Curious about our Executive Coaching services? Here’s what to expect from a typical coaching engagement:

  1. Initial contact by senior/executive leader, human resources professional, or individual client. This is an opportunity to learn about the organizational context and coaching needs.
  2. Interviewing the potential coaching client to learn more about coaching goals, readiness for change, expectations for the coaching engagement. This is also an opportunity to share more about coaching and our approach. A goal of this session is to get acquainted, assess alignment, and fit.
  3. Working with the human resources professional, define the scope of the coaching engagement. This may include the length of the engagement, number of sessions, assessment data available and assessments to be used, observations to be made of the client, stakeholder interviews to be conducted and check-in meeting with the client and their manager.
  4. Coaching sessions (in person and/or virtual) approximately every 2-3 weeks for 1-1.5 hours each.
  5. While coaching sessions begin assessments and stakeholder interviews, if applicable, will be conducted.
  6. Assessment reports will be prepared and debriefed in sessions will be conducted with the client as part of the coaching session.
  7. Stakeholder individual data will be compiled into a brief/report and reviewed with clients. A focus at this point will be to refine the overall agenda or goals for the coaching engagement based on the present needs and various sources feedback. 
  8. The client and executive coach meet with the client’s manager to review the findings and focus. The client shares the findings and goals. The intent is to gain alignment of expectations about goals and support needed.
  9. Coaching sessions continue.
  10. The client and executive coach meet with the client’s manager. The clients share the work completed, insights gained and results achieved. The manager shares observations.
  11. Coaching sessions continue.
  12. The client, executive coach and client’s manager meet to review actions and results toward the goals. The manager shares observations. A plan for sustainable development and performance is reviewed.
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