With All of This Disruption, What is “Normal”?

John Bennett/ May 30, 2020/ Change, Development

In recent weeks, states and communities have started lifting restrictions on movement and business operations amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. I suspect this will be a slow process. And, as many experts forecast, we may see a return to restrictions in the coming months. As I think about my experience since mid-March and imagine what is on the horizon, I am

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Understanding Yourself to Serve Your Clients

John Bennett/ March 17, 2019/ Change, Services

“Understanding Yourself to Serve Your Clients” with Dr. John Bennet, March 21, 2019 We’ve all had clients that prompt negative responses or we’d prefer not to work with. And, we’ve probably realized (after the fact) how our frame of reference or perspective may have limited our impact. In this engaging and interactive program, you will be asked to identify your

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A Typical Coaching Engagement

John Bennett/ November 15, 2018/ Change, Executive Coaching, Services

Curious about our Executive Coaching services? Here’s what to expect from a typical coaching engagement: Initial contact by senior/executive leader, human resources professional, or individual client. This is an opportunity to learn about the organizational context and coaching needs. Interviewing the potential coaching client to learn more about coaching goals, readiness for change, expectations for the coaching engagement. This is

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10 Things to Consider When Engaging a Facilitator

John Bennett/ November 7, 2018/ Facilitation, Services

A facilitator is a skilled professional who is engaged to work with a leader to help a team or group accomplish a task—e.g., solve a problem, build team effectiveness, resolve a conflict, or develop a plan. The following factors should be considered when engaging a facilitator. Facilitation Skills Do they have knowledge of interpersonal and group dynamics? Do they have

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