Kurt Lewin Scholarship Fund – A Transformative Investment

John Bennett/ October 2, 2019/ Development, General

Excerpted from the Summer 2019 Queens Magazine… Navigating and leading change is an investment. Just ask the typical MSOD student: a full-time worker in their late 30s who has more than a decade of work experience. These individuals’ jobs range from sales coach to compliance manager and chief quality/safety officer. Their goal: learning how to lead change at a systematic

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New Competencies Required for the Evolving Nature of Change — Part 2

John Bennett/ November 23, 2018/ Change, Services

Conceiving a change is an important step in creating it. Yet, a concept without action does not produce results. Through change events such as reorganization, process redesign, technology enhancement, etc., organizations provide the opportunity to learn and grow in their capacity for future change. Observation and experience tell us that individuals can increase their capacity for change. Those with successful

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A Typical Coaching Engagement

John Bennett/ November 15, 2018/ Change, Executive Coaching, Services

Curious about our Executive Coaching services? Here’s what to expect from a typical coaching engagement: Initial contact by senior/executive leader, human resources professional, or individual client. This is an opportunity to learn about the organizational context and coaching needs. Interviewing the potential coaching client to learn more about coaching goals, readiness for change, expectations for the coaching engagement. This is

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