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According to a 2020 Gallup global survey of employees, “roughly 7-in-10 employees are struggling or suffering, rather than thriving, in their overall lives. Eighty percent are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work. This lack of engagement costs the global economy US$8.1 trillion, nearly 10% of GDP, in lost productivity each year”. 

The Manager’s Guide to Coaching for Change

We are experiencing the “great resignation”, economic uncertainty, and labor and talent shortages. There are gaps in talent as the workplace and workforce change at rapid paces. This requires leaders and managers at all levels to continue developing their mindset and skills to develop team members for optimal performance and support them in role, organization, career, and life transitions.

This summer, I was approached by the international publishing firm, DeGruyter, about writing another book. It is always exciting to be approached by a publisher, and it can also be a bit overwhelming to think about what is involved in producing a publishable manuscript that will have value to readers. I am pleased to share that we agreed to work together on my fifth book, [working title] The Manager’s Guide to Coaching for Change.

Focus of the Book

Focusing on manager-as-coach, I will build on the work that Mary Wayne Bush and I did with Coaching for Change (Routledge, 2014) by updating the material and focusing specifically on the role managers can, and should, play as coaches

My book will be for managers and leaders at all levels who want to help their employees improve performance, develop capabilities, and transition in their lives and careers. Grounded in theory and research, it will provide a practical guide for managers to coach individuals and team. Additionally, it will provide a practical guide for managers and leaders to learn and apply a coaching mindset and skillset in a variety of contexts.

Seeking Your Input

I welcome the opportunity to hear about your experiences, learn from you, and possibly share your stories about what worked and why. If you have examples of leaders and managers who have effectively coached you, or that you have observed, please let me know.

Perhaps you use a tried-and-true coaching approach as a leader/manager. What practices do you have for engaging, equipping, and empowering team members? What makes giving or receiving feedback impactful? What do you do to truly listen to others and help them discover solutions for themselves? What challenges have you faced as a leader and how have your resolved them? What have learned from others that has assisted you in growing talent, engaging others, and developing optimally performing teams. 

As always, I’m interested in your thoughts and ideas so do leave your comments, feedback, and suggestions below, or you can always email me.

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