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When researching and preparing to meet with an executive coach for the first time, the following questions may help. I’ve found it extremely helpful for potential clients to have thought about these items prior to our introductory meeting. Not only do the questions help take away some of the awkwardness of a first meeting, the responses help both parties assess the coaching client’s readiness for coaching. This is helpful when determining if it’ll be a good fit to work together. Keep in mind, there are no wrong answers.

  1. What are your goals for coaching? Identify 2-3 goals you would like to focus the coaching work on. In other words, what do you expect to get out of the coaching engagement?
  2. What makes those goals important to you at this time? This helps both the client and explore the relevance of the goals as well as a commitment to do the work required to achieve results.
  3. What do you think the coach needs to know about you and your situation in order to help? Be prepared to tell the coach about yourself (professional and personal), including work and life history, experience with the topics associated with the potential coaching goals, how you learn and develop, your communication style, etc.
  4. What will make this experience ideal for you? Share your vision for the coaching relationship, what you expect from the coach, and how much you are willing to commit to doing in order to achieve your goals.
  5. What are your expectations of the coach? This might include their experience, availability, level of directness, communication style, previous and current roles, etc.
  6. What questions do you have for the coach? Think of any questions you have about the coach, the coaching process, confidentiality, etc.

 I’m interested in your thoughts, so please leave your comments below. Are there other questions YOU think might be beneficial?


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  1. Great insight John. Asking these questions also accelerates the pace in getting to the coachee’s objectives. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dr. John, great questions! I also love your ‘Coachability’ questionnaire!

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