80 Scenarios to Work On with a Coach

John Bennett/ February 14, 2020/ Executive Coaching

Successful organizations provide executive coaching for leaders and aspiring leaders at all levels. As an executive coach, I am regularly asked … “exactly what does someone work-on with a coach?”. Here is a list of 80 scenarios I’ve assisted with in my practice:  Gain self-awareness Know the whole business (Agility) Build effective relationships across functions  Increase crucial relationships with leaders Understand and

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New Competencies Required for the Evolving Nature of Change — Part 1

John Bennett/ November 14, 2018/ Change, Services

We don’t need to look far to realize the speed, complexity and volume of change continue to increase. Given the evolving nature of change, individuals are being asked to change, change leaders and organizations must invent, accept and implement new strategies for change. Old methods of changing may not be adequate for the new realities. Resilience is an essential skill

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