If We Had Only Known: Experiences from Use of Self Educators

John Bennett/ April 24, 2020/ Publications, Resources, Teaching

The following appears in Organization Development Review, Winter/Spring 2020, Volume 52 Number 1. It is co-authored by myself and Heather Berthoud. A PDF of the formatted article as it appears in the review is available here. ______________ Every day we use our “self”. How did we learn to do this consciously? And, how can we teach others to be more aware

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Strategic Thinking: A Critical Leadership Behavior

John Bennett/ February 20, 2020/ Consulting, Leadership

The ability to think and act strategically has long been recognized as a key differentiator between average and exceptional leaders (Management Research Group). But what is strategic thinking and acting? Simply put, it is the practice of thinking broadly about current and future issues, in a manner that considers the implications of actions. As a critical leadership skill, this enables

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