Executive Coaching Interview Guide

John Bennett/ November 15, 2018/ Executive Coaching, Services

All coaches offered for your consideration have biographies and are competent and capable professionals. However, they may not all fit your coaching needs. Therefore, it is important for you to interview the coach or coaches who seem to align most with your interests. This will give both you and the coach(es) the opportunity to explore suitability to meet your needs.

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A Typical Coaching Engagement

John Bennett/ November 15, 2018/ Change, Executive Coaching, Services

Curious about our Executive Coaching services? Here’s what to expect from a typical coaching engagement: Initial contact by senior/executive leader, human resources professional, or individual client. This is an opportunity to learn about the organizational context and coaching needs. Interviewing the potential coaching client to learn more about coaching goals, readiness for change, expectations for the coaching engagement. This is

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